Bonjour, Howdy, Hola, and Hello! You've stumbled upon a small Petz 4 fan website called Rock$tar! We are hosted by the loverly Luli @ Chestnut! This gorgeous and sweet layout was made by Salem @ SWSK, and features a pair of adorable kissing siamese kittehs! Please have a look around, and adopt to your heart's content! We mainly breed mixies, and I prefer dogz, but we do have catz litterz as well! Hexies can be viewed in the archive, so feel free to request a trade!
I love to chat with fellow petz fans, so feel free to IM me at angeloffire7488!

<3 Deannie (aka DAB)

>^_^< Updates! >^_^<

--Saturday, October 31, 2009--

+ New layout!! TYSM to Salem, my new bestest bud <3
++ Updated adoption stats- lets get rid of a few litters at the top, people! <3
+++ I'm in the sloooow process of gathering pictures of my crew, and making them into images so I can have my crew up here!

Old Updates:
- October 4, 2009! -

*A few pets were adopted, so I put up 14 NEW LITTERS, get your butt on over and adopt away!
**Leave me messages on the taggy- it makes me happeh!

- September 27th, 2009 -
* Updated adoption stats! Just a few more adoptions and I'll be able to post a few more new litters!

*** September 2nd was the 1 year anniversary of losing Roscoe ;.; I still believe he's out there somewhere <333


This is my Roscoe- after whom this site is named. He is my best friend, the love of my life, and has been with me through two knee surgeries, and his own life-threatening injuries. My family and I went to Florida in August of 2008 to evacuate from hurricane Gustav. The hotel we were staying at wanted to charge us a ton of money to keep our cats with us, so we had my aunt and uncle who lived two hours away from the hotel house them for us. September 2nd, 2008: Roscoe and Stachey (my Hitler kitty <3) escaped somehow. I am still hopeful for their return- especially Roscoe's. Whereever you are, my little Gimpy boy, I love you and cry myself to sleep everynight because I can't find you. Come back soon, buddy boy <3

[I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana.]

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